Frank took on a number of very challenging situations and positions in our company that required a high level of skill both in understanding and comprehending the situation, as well as communicating and building bridges between departments in our organization.  He took on leadership roles and position in our IT group, segments of international operations, as well as in completing sensitive acquisitions. 

Frank proved to be very adaptable, loyal and was very well respected in our company for the roles he took on successfully.  He was professional and efficient in his approach to work and very well-liked by his colleagues and clients.  He was well-presented and able to work both independently and as part of a team. 

I greatly valued the contributions he made to the company.

Chief Executive Officer,

Mr. Winkler was engaged to lead a major strategic transformation of the IT group.  He took the challenge with an extraordinary degree of energy, passion and professionalism, and fully met the terms of reference of the engagement.  He brought a strategic focus and deep understanding of the required actions to ensure IT delivery was both effective and value adding for the organization.  We now have a “fit for purpose” IT organization driving value and enabling the operating business units to perform their duties in a more efficient manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Frank Winkler and his team for a similar assignment.

Chief Financial Officer,

Everything related to the emergency procedures went very smoothly.  The BCP team did an outstanding job managing the outage.  We have confidence that we are able to handle an emergency without impacting the trading business.

Chief Administration Officer,

“(BCCH) took on this challenge with an extraordinary degree of energy, passion and professionalism, and fully met the terms of reference for the assignment. (BCCH) brings a strategic focus and deep understanding of what is required to ensure IT delivery is both efficient and value adding.”

Chief Operating Officer,

“(BCCH) successfully met the challenges by effectively coordinating different groups including management, HR, vendors, and staff. Through the establishment of key advisory and working groups, (BCCH) helped create the critical alignment of various business units required to address the specific ERP and infrastructure weaknesses, and determine corporate priorities for IT projects moving forward.
More specifically, (BCCH) developed a series of business strategies designed to minimize security and governance risks, establish a new vision for HR and ultimately build a service-focused IT department. This new IT group would be led by a dynamic management team focused on long-term goals and strategies for future growth, and the development of leadership potential.”

Chief Financial Officer,

(BCCH) gained the support of our Executives, turning them into supporters and, as a result of this BCP project, allowed our organization to avert significant financial losses.

Director of Corporate Security,

“BCCH faced a demanding role in a challenging period. (BCCH) overarching assignment was to improve the value generated by IT – the delivery of enhanced service levels at reduced cost. (BCCH) met this challenge through more efficient vendor delivery and internal staff rationalization. Implementing these initiatives was successful and conducted respectfully with professionalism and equity.
Whilst not anticipated during his tenure, Frank identified and remedied a data archival and recovery gap.”

Senior Vice President,

Thanks again for all of the effort you put into rebuilding MENA, Europe & Russia over the past couple of years.  You put in place a strong team with a clear mission.  Not everyone seems to recall what a mess was there before you did a clean-up! 

I would like to reiterate my gratitude for the work you put into building the new international division.

Chief Operating Officer,