Strategic Alignment of IT

Strategic Alignment begins with a full understanding of the corporate objectives, what your core strengths and values are and how you will measure your successes, which are foundational components of corporate strategy. Our world-class IT Alignment Framework is utilized to ensure alignment of IT with the business. The ultimate goal is to ensure your IT department is adding value to the business.

We take alignment one step further with our performance management services by ensuring your team is engaged through understanding their individual contributions to IT and to the business. We work with you to design metrics that are SMART (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Bound), and provide value through your ability to track and report on the results, diagnose the cause of any performance issues, and execute plans to improve. We have the expertise and experience to help you achieve outstanding results.

We work with you to turn your Corporate Strategies and IT Mandate into a Value-Based Roadmap. The Value-Based Roadmap ensures that the projects which maximize the returns to the organization are prioritized. Our proven framework provides for a multi-dimensional analysis model which includes corporate value, mandate, departmental value, strategic value and more. We work with you to also identify opportunities to minimize or reduce spending on items with a negative contribution. This is all brought together with a Value-Based Roadmap of projects, expenditures, and initiatives for IT and the Business.

Our engagement model is designed to have an adaptive style to fit your organizational and cultural requirements. We pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible with time frame, scope, requirements and budget. Contact us today to further discuss your organization.