Provincial Gaming Company


Provincial Gaming Company


Engaged with this client over 3 years on many varied projects.
The initial project was to work with the Gaming and Corporate groups to gather their IT requirements now and into the future.
Compare those requirements against the existing IT organization, and develop a plan to address the gaps and needs for future growth.
On-line gaming was beginning to be a reality and its requirements very different from traditional provincial gaming and casinos.


Stopped the growth of IT groups based in the business and duplication of services and then worked to reorganize the IT groups to better align to the Gaming departments’ requirements now and in the future.
Developed a user-based Steering Committee to drive projects and set priorities. Got the groups moving in the same direction.
Developed a project plan/priorities for requirements of the gaming divisions, then developed plans to reorganize IT to better address those needs.
Mentored/coached managers to make changes to IT and implement changes.


IT aligned to business requirements.
All alignment changes accomplished with no additional operating cost.
Service level improved to the business units.


Letters from CEO & COO available upon request.  See website for customer feedback.