International Power Generation & Commodity Trading


International Power Generation & Commodity Trading Company


Initial assignment was to review existing disaster plans for high-risk, high-impact areas in the company.
Present the results and recommendations of the study and implement the “agreed to” plans.


An executive team was formed to review the recommendations and risks presented to the company.
Two very high-risk, high-exposure situations were uncovered and recommendations presented to the executive group.
The first was the Trading floor and traders – there was no disaster facility to trade from and meet the legal/legislative requirements of the group. Any outage could have enormous penalties if they were unable to trade and monitor their contract and obligations to contacts.
The second was, due to years of cost cutting of operating budgets, the emergency flood control plans were no longer functional or attainable. The company was unable to remotely handle dam operations in flood conditions or to get staff to the dams in an emergency. Not to mention, the dams could no longer accommodate staff for emergencies.
Plans were developed, implemented and tested for both high-risk and high-impact situations.
Both were designed to be low-cost, high-return to minimize exposure, but be 100% effective.


Remove high-risk, high-exposure situations at a realistic cost and immediate time frame.
Either situation could have caused permanent financial and legislative problems to the company.


Letters from CEO & COO available upon request.  See website for customer feedback.