International Oil & Gas Service Company


International Oil & Gas Service Company
International Division (Russia, Europe, Africa, Middle East)


Make the International Division profitable after 6 years of non-profitability, rising costs and no results.
Analyze the situation, make recommendations on whether to fix or close down the division.
Implement the “agreed to” recommendations – hands on.


Completely reorganized and rebuilt the organization.
Closed offices not in the long-term focus and strategy.
Released most staff and built a high performance team to address key areas of sustainable growth.
Built priority execution plans for each focus area and implemented.
International Division was made profitable within 1 year with a full staff and focused plans to meet the 2020 corporate plan.


Lower costs, non-profitable offices closed and all non-essential costs removed.
Priority plans developed for sustainable revenue streams.
International Division now forecast to grow from 5% of revenue to 40% in focussed areas of growth.
Division changed from negative performance to positive EBITDA.
Hired a General Manager for the division and trained.


Letters from CEO & COO available upon request. See website for customer feedback.