Performance Optimization


  • Business Case Development and Evaluation

A solid business case methodology and management framework is essential to aligning with business strategies and optimizing performance. In today's challenging economic environment, validating the potential return on investment prior to releasing funding is one of the quickest ways to enhance your performance and eliminate work without value. This also ensures that all projects are fully aligned with corporate strategies and objectives. Our framework and best practices are adapted and customized for your environment to assist your organization maximize your returns.

  • Vendor Rationalization

During high growth times many organizations are unable to consolidate demand and leverage the total buying power of the organization. High growth environments with fragmented procurement can lead to a proliferation of vendors. Our assessment highlights any issues and provides opportunities to reduce licensing and operational costs, and consolidate vendors. We can work with your vendors in a collaborative manner which can otherwise be challenging for organizations given the conflicting interests that can often exist between customers and suppliers. Often the cost of the services is more than covered by the reduction in licensing costs alone.

  • Enterprise Application Assessment

BCCH has developed a flexible, multidimensional software application assessment framework to aid in identifying existing and new applications. We identify the applications by version, departmental usage and what the application is used for. This analysis forms the basis for understanding application usage within your organization and reducing operating costs through vendor support, licensing, and help desk support.

  • Cost Restructuring

BCCH's cost-restructuring approach aligns IT expenditures with corporate strategies and objectives. Cost components within IT are rationalized and aligned with corporate objectives at both the business and IT level. We work with you to provide an analysis of your organization comparing it to industry standards and identifying opportunities for investment and savings. New highly efficient contingent labor (contactor) analysis systems and operational consolidation programs have proven to provide significant returns with short payback times. In addition, an annual review of major contracts and vendors can provide significant savings to organizations. Whether you are looking at evaluating your whole organization, a department or a portfolio, we provide the best practices, frameworks and methodologies to deliver success.