IT Transition Services

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Understanding that IT is a mission critical piece of an organization, companies need to ensure both alignment of IT with the business and accountability of the department down to the staff level.

BCCH’s Strategic IT Alignment Framework provides a full understanding of corporate and business unit objectives, documents core strengths and values, and determines how success will be measured, all of which are foundational components of corporate strategy.

We work with the corporate executive team to gain alignment on the priorities of the organization and create a mandate for IT. The mandate is specifically designed to maximize the business value to the organization. The key to success is the executive support and alignment of the corporation, and all business unit leaders.

Using Interim Executive Management, we work with the IT leadership to ensure they fully understand the new mandate and how crucial it is to the overall success of the organization. This includes understanding their individual and departmental role. This is key to IT’s full engagement and support for the changes.

The deliverables include departmental and individual business plans which tie back directly to the corporate and business unit strategies. Balanced scorecards are used to report on and evaluate performance. A performance evaluation program is integrated into the entire program.

Our process does not end when a methodology is implemented. It is organic which flows constantly, measuring the desired results against current conditions and changing the direction over time to increase the results often beyond what the target goal may be. In support of this, a new issue management process and constant improvement processes are created.

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