About Us

imageBCC Holdings (BCCH) is an Interim Executive Management and Transition firm specializing in Information Technology.

Our approach reflects our work experience and our early training in classic strategic concepts. We have been solving complex problems for our clients since 2004.

Our focus is delivering business enabling strategy and operational solutions. Based on real world tried and proven experience, we will help your business understand and develop value-based ways to mitigate issues and risk arising in the business owing to: Complexity, Costs, Differentiation/Value, and Information Technology as they relate to enabling the business.

BCCH provides strategic alignment of IT by focusing IT on adding high value to the business and the optimization of IT operations. Our strength is not only bringing today’s information technology in line with business objectives, but also creating the vision and direction necessary for the organization and its people to sustain and grow the delivery of business value. This is critical if a business is to continue to keep pace with the rapid pace of change we see both in the domestic and global market place.

Sometimes we help managers rebalance these issues, i.e. reduce complexity to lower costs. Sometimes we help them break the compromises or tradeoffs among them by using IT more intelligently, for example. Our clients, as individuals, are more effective leaders because they understand these (third level) operational dynamics. They have conviction about what they need to do both short term and long term.

Sometimes customers require a complete IT transformation. We have proven hands-on methodologies and best practices to ensure a smooth transition for your organization. We will not only assist in the planning of any transition, but we also will be there every step of the way during the transformation to ensure the business achieves success.

Independent of the scope of change an organization must undertake, the Strategic Alignment of IT begins with an assessment of your organization focusing on our Alignment Framework. The goal of this assessment is to show where your IT department is adding value to your organization and determine how IT can continue to improve in the delivery of this value.

BCCH, as an independent third party, has provided significant value assisting with the optimization of IT departments, improving the effectiveness of IT, as well as creating a focused strategic and operational direction. This allows the organization to continue to keep pace or stay ahead in the ever-changing and competitive marketplace. Our strength is in creating value for the business through optimization and alignment of IT.

Another area we specialize in is Business Continuity Planning (BCP) as it relates to the recovery of critical business units. We, in conjunction with clients, have developed a BCP methodology which is simplistic in its approach, low in its cost, and acceptable to the Auditors and Board of Directors.

Our core BCP strength is melding the business with its unique requirements with the capabilities of IT and facilities to provide a seamless solution to a business disruption while minimizing risk and exposure to the company.

New Challenges

Today, our thinking and work tends to reflect four challenges:

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  • The need for “third level” analysis of operating economics. IT Managers need a deep understanding of how their company makes money. Most Strategic Planning departments look at numbers, but not the real activities and forces that determine costs.
  • Managing and limiting complexity. Too many IT organizations get too complicated and ruin their competitiveness and ability to be an “enabler”.
  • Turnarounds that actually work. Full court presses based on solid understanding of revenues and costs. Shedding activities, making the right investments.
  • Capital allocation and risk management that melds with the business and the mandate for Information Technology.
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We believe we offer a new model for consulting. Our “outside in” analysis of IT dynamics far exceeds what internal planning groups can create in both its comprehensiveness and depth. Yet we are trusted as if we were an internal, but objective, swat team reserved for the most critical issues. So our relationships last. We help our IT groups lead and succeed as individuals doing what is right for their companies.

Client Value Proposition: Our Basic Beliefs

Information Technology’s strategy needs to be grounded in an explicit and quantitative understanding of a company’s and industry’s structural evolution, specifically the growth and decline of segments, the competitive conduct of participants, the role and impact of technology, and the history and purpose of mergers and acquisitions. Our strategic alignment methodology provides enough insight to senior managers for them to close the gap between high level strategic analysis and winning game plans. The problem is not execution; it is understanding.

Complexity Ought To Be Eliminated

Complexity is one of the biggest and most dangerous problems IT organizations face.

Complexity reduces focus, increases costs, and very often stifles innovation. Academics argue that there is good and bad complexity. That may be true, but senior IT managers should assume that complexity is bad. They should make sure that a bias toward simplicity is embedded in the job objectives of all functional managers and in the core processes of the company.

Strategic Interim Management Should Provide Insights with Clear Implications

That means that current models of consulting need to change.

The spectrum traditionally includes solo practitioners, large pyramids of teams (PwC) and armies of process analysts (Accenture). A new model, with fewer levels of hierarchy, is now possible. This model leverages the general availability of information and better serves senior management who need discussion rather than presentation, as well as actionable information and insight based on thorough analysis.

Frank Winkler, President

frank-winkler-photo-2015Frank is a proven industry leader with a demonstrated ability to anticipate issues, and develop and implement effective strategies that deliver measurable results. Frank’s over 40 years of managing and implementing successful programs is invaluable to both small and large organizations.

Frank has a proven ability to work with, and gain trust from, senior executives at both internal and external customers. In addition, his ability to leverage both technical knowledge and business requirements has proven him to be an effective negotiator able to work through complex issues in a focused and collaborative manner to achieve superior results.

Frank’s proven aptitude to chart future requirements and implement the programs necessary to create a winning business scenario has allowed him to take on such roles as Interim CIO for a major international oil and gas organization, Interim CIO for an international oil and gas service company followed by Interim General Manager for their Middle East division, and develop a world-class Business Continuity Program for an international utility company.

His ability to analyze risk and exposure for organizations, and subsequently coach and mentor internal teams has proven invaluable to his customers. He is often hired as a change agent to re-energize and re-purpose internal technology groups. Before starting BCC Holdings, Frank held several Vice President positions for large national IT organizations.