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Welcome to BCC Holdings

imageWelcome to BCC Holdings (BCCH). We have been solving complex problems for our clients since 2004, by offering Interim Executive Services, specializing in Information Technology (IT).

Our approach to interim management reflects our work experience and our early training in classic strategic concepts.
Our focus is delivering business enabling strategy and operational solutions, hand-on. Based on real world tried and proven experience, we will help your business understand and develop value-based ways to mitigate issues arising in the business owing to:
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  • Complexity
  • Costs
  • Differentiation & Value
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  • Information Technology
  • Staff Reductions
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Our main services include

[row] [spacer] [span12] [hero_unit text=”BCCH provides strategic alignment of IT by focusing on adding value to the business and the optimization of IT operations. Our strength is not only to bring today’s technology in line with business objectives, but also create a vision and direction for the organization and their people. This will align both IT and business, so it can continue to handle the rapid pace of change required in today’s and tomorrow’s market, while not exposing the company to external exposure or risk of downtime.” btn_style=”primary” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=”extra”] [/span12] [span4]
Interim Executive Management
Business is changing rapidly, with organizations and organization leaders being acutely aware of costs and the need for them to be constantly pursuing available, effective, cost containment alternatives.
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IT Transition Services
Understanding that IT is a mission critical piece of an organization, companies need to ensure both alignment of IT with the business and accountability of the department down to the staff level.
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Strategic Alignment of IT
Strategic Alignment begins with a full understanding of the corporate objectives, what your core strengths and values are and how you will measure your successes,
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Performance Optimization
A solid business case methodology and management framework is essential to aligning with business strategies and optimizing performance.
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Business Continuity Planning
BCCH also specializes in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) as it relates to the recovery of critical business units.
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Project Recovery Solutions
Every project has its unique challenges. These become amplified in the context of complex environments or when projects deteriorate to the point they should either be stopped or require recovery.
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